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MUNCHKINS (4-5 yrs)

PEE WEES (3-4 yrs)

MINIONS (2 yrs)


" I enrolled my daughter, Victoria, at Kiddie Korner to help her get  prepared for the transition to All Day Kindergarten.   She has loved it and I know she is ready!  (Even though I'm not. )  She has really enjoyed the teachers, class mates, art projects, monthly field trips and having me be parent helper in the class.                                                                                                                                                              -Cindy Rodriguez

All 3 of our children have attended Kiddie Korner. We love the hands-on approach to learning, the monthly field trips, and being involved in the classroom as parent helpers. Ms. Kara's units help her students learn basics-- colors, numbers, letters, shapes-- while also teaching science concepts. Last year, our 3 year old came home telling us all about the states of matter and primary and secondary colors. Ms. Kara has the biggest heart for little ones, and it's clear she loves her job. We highly recomment Kiddie Korner Preschool.


                                                                    - Jen Don


Teacher Kara is the best. We chose this school so our daughter can keep learning from her. The lessons are so intentional and focus on repetition so they learn things like writing their name, playing organized games with small pieces, and more. Miss Kara takes each student’s concerns and development seriously but makes it fun for them, and she explains expectations well. She’s the best. My daughter loves her and our family respects her. I highly recommend!!


Brandi, Peewee parent

My son, Johnny, has been attending Kiddie Korner preschool for two years.  He loves school, he loves his teachers and he loves his classmates!  I sent Johnny to preschool for the social aspect.  His siblings are 13+ years older than him.  I wanted Johnny to learn how to share and how to be a good friend.  He has learned all that and so much more!  We love Kiddie Korner Preschool.


                                                                               - Rachelle Wiley

We love Kiddie Korner preschool. We really like that the class size is smaller. My daughter gets upset when school is on break, that's how much she loves her teacher and friends. 

                                                                                        - Tonya Carreon


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